I am a full grown adult dedicated to the notion that the best way to spend one's time is by being as a child.  Nerf has become my primary tool for the realization of that principle, growing from a nostalgic self-indulgence to a tinkerer's pass-time to the subject of a developing collector's instinct and potent fandom.  Previously satisfied by involvement in the visual arts, my creative impulses are now almost entirely directed towards Nerf-oriented pursuits.  I do some modding, make custom accessories, and love to develop interesting ways to play.  The Document represents the height of my ambition in that last category, an attempt to combine decades of enthusiasm for rules systems, first person shooters and childish fantasy and make it all about Nerf.  Hopefully I can manage to spread the fun around a bit.

For those seeking contact, feel free to leave comments, or take the direct route via thedocumentblog at gmail.com.


  1. i love what you have done here. make the recon holster for my right leg and we will talk business.

    1. Allow me to finish doing a redesign on the holster first. There are lots of improvements I plan to implement alongside the use of a stencil that will allow me to produce them more rapidly and craft them for either hand without missing a beat.

    2. Just curious, how much would one of your improved tac-vests cost for commission? Fantastically clean looking work by the way. And as a 21 year old who just got into Nerf 3 months ago (and went from owning 0 to 30 blasters in that short time) I love and live by the "live as a child" philosophy, much to my families embarrassment lol. keep up the awesome work!

    3. Thank you for the compliments. You pose a rough question, mostly because I haven't really thought much about commissions as of yet. The parachute clips are surprisingly expensive...made as is at maybe $10/hr for labor and including the cost of the vest it may well hit $100 overall, without an accompanying holster for a Barrel Break. That should not be considered a likely figure, though- a little ingenuity could remove the need for some of the clips without sacrificing function, and I have otherwise not yet looked into the possibility of buying them in bulk, which could reduce their cost considerably.