1.  Just who do you think you are?
The content of the "Who" tab above has an eerily close correlation to that question's answer.

2. What's this website all about?
In several ways, this site will provide services similar to those available on a wide variety of quality destinations for Nerf fandom.  This site's primary purpose, however, is to serve as the online home of the Document itself; a hub where the work will be made available to the public for download and where its tactics and all elements of the foam warfare hobby can be discussed and progress.

In addition to content focused on the Document, this site will also gift visitors to the Blog section with reactions and commentary to the latest Nerf news and showcases of the amazing things this community generates on a regular basis.  The Media section will serve as the point of contact with the Document itself when it is released, a gallery for any of my pertinent side projects, video of gameplay, and likely many other things.  Over in Society will be a list of noteworthy foam-oriented sites, a who's who within the Nerf and greater foam communities, and likely also some mention of the significant things they might be up to.  There's also the FAQ and Who sections with which you should already be familiar, unless you're one of those question skippers.

3.  What specifically is the Document?
The Document is a broad, comprehensive work that aims to address nearly every aspect of the toy blaster hobby, designed with everyone from the die-hard enthusiast to the pale green newcomer in mind.   The lion’s share of content in the Document is devoted to the presentation of a deeply tactical, competition-grade rules-set for foam warfare that focuses on team play, the intelligent management of equipment, and the personalization of play styles through a rich and versatile player class system.  Beyond this core concept the Document will also provide readers with a bevy of supplemental information including: 

-Detailed statistics and a tactical analysis of every Nerf blaster currently available and beyond.
-Rules that provide for the seamless integration of melee combat into play.
-Guidance on the subtle art of maximizing combat effectiveness through efficient use of supplemental equipment .
-Suggestions for turning everyday items into useful elements of your arsenal.
-A wide array of additional, preconceived game types to accommodate many approaches to play.
-Tips for readers who are interested in molding the rules to their own creative purposes.
-An introduction to the various aspects of blaster modification.

4. Can you give me some sort of idea of what the primary gameplay outlined in the Document is like?
The basic setup of gameplay guided by the Document is round-based, elimination style combat optimized for two teams of 4 to 6 players each.  Each player chooses a class that not only determines their general role in combat, but also their resistance to damage and what equipment they may carry.  Each class also possesses one or more unique abilities.  The sum of each class's attributes are designed to make players feel powerful and capable in their chosen role, but each player has only one life to give, and the first team to eliminate the entire opposing roster claims victory for the round. 

5. Is the Document intended only for Nerf enthusiasts?
Not at all.  While the Document has been entirely inspired by Nerf's product lines, the rules are fully compatible with every foam-based blaster I have ever encountered, regardless of its manufacturer.

6. Does the Document endorse modification?
Not strictly speaking, no.  While it embraces modding as a vibrant part of the community, it is not counted as necessary to play.   

7. When will the Document be available?
"Soon" is the word I find myself forced to use here.  The entire undertaking is thoroughly plotted-out and work is ongoing, but it is undeniably a complicated project that is rather dense with content.  While the final version may well not be available till 2013, I am currently looking to have a workable version of the core rules published on this site by Summer 2012.

8. What kind of a crappy title is the Document for a document?
That's a good one, certainly.  The original version of what has now become the Document has been around in my circle of players for a couple of years now, but it was initially far less organized and polished.  It had no title in the beginning; just Nerf logo pasted in its header.  Eventually we just started referring to it as "the Nerf document".  When I settled on producing a full revision, it just seemed natural to utilize a variation of that original label.

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