Thursday, May 24, 2012

Primary Class: Dreadnought

The baddest mutha' on the battlefield, the Dreadnought, has been added to the Player Classes PDF.  The link is provided below, as shall become normal with these posts. This completes the triumvirate of the primary classes.  Leaving me with an urge to put a video together discussing them in more detail, so expect that sometime in the coming days.  Next up are the auxiliary classes, which may just get dished out more than one at a time, depending on how long motivation can hold out over the forthcoming long weekend.  I actually have another small project that will soon be completed as well, so I should certainly be presenting something before the week is out.

Update: the problem with the Player Classes PDF has been corrected and the Dreadnought is now present, leaving all once again right with the world. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Primary Class: Assassin

The Player Classes PDF has been updated to include the second of the three primary classes, the Assassin, so check out the updated link below.  At this point I shouldn't have much trouble putting forth a new class every day or so, so keep watching for more content.  A unified edition of the Document Alpha that includes the player classes and still-only-hinted-at weapons list will be assembled once all components have been revealed individually.  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Primary Class: Lieutenant

So it turns out I was right- there was no internet at the cabin/house thing my buddies and I rented this past week.  Nor was there enough of a cell phone signal to throw up an update post.  Combine all that with an unfortunate issue arising with my back and a veritable sh*tstorm waiting for me when I returned to work from my vacation, and you have a release schedule that's been blown straight to hell.  Apologies for all that.

At any rate, there was apparently an issue with the download of the Document for some folks, so I have ceased to be a complete idiot and just started using the webspace granted through my ISP.  So, a new direct download/viewing link is provided below, along with the link for the first of the player classes to be revealed, the Lieutenant.  I will likely expound a great deal on the classes in the coming days, but for now I'll just be glad that I've caught up to where I was supposed to be a week ago. 

The Document

Player Classes- the Lieutenant

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Document Alpha

Well folks, here it is. At long last the Document is seeing some kind of release. Please note that some contents of the Document Alpha reference sections that, while planned for the final product, are not yet included. Similarly, none of the content of the Document Alpha is final, and many alterations may be made before the complete release. The PDF has also been locked for editing to prevent any funny business, but may be printed for portable reference.

As mentioned before, the roll-out of the player classes will begin in the coming days. I hope to have the first of them posted on this site within two days, with the remainder following on a more-or-less daily basis. For now, though, I have to pack for a vacation which will hopefully involve shooting a lot of foam at a cabal of old friends. Follow the link below to grab your download. The topmost download button that appears is some nasty consumerist trick, so click on the "Download This File" button found within the gray-bordered section that appears slightly down the page to get what you came for. Feel free to throw out those comments and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For Your Memory

Just a quick reminder of the impending launch of the Document Alpha tomorrow evening, as well as an update or two.  One thing that I hadn't taken into account when I announced the release schedule was the fact that beginning Thursday I will be taking a road trip to spend a long weekend in dorky gaming seclusion with a bunch of old buddies at a rented house somewhere up in the mountains.  This is an annual thing, but this year Nerf is going to be added to the mix.  There isn't an issue with getting the material prepared- the only problem is I don't know if the place has internet.  So, there is a small, uncivilized chance that the previously mentioned roll-out of the player classes may not begin until I return next Tuesday.  

Now that I've broken countless- and I mean countless- hearts, enjoy this nearly useless video:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mark Your Calendars

Big news, folks.  I have been largely absent from blog happenings for a few weeks now, mostly because I have been grinding away on the Document proper.

I am extremely pleased (and relieved) to announce official release date for the Document Alpha, the stripped down, gameplay-centric version of the project I have mentioned here and there.  The Document Alpha contains everything in the full project outline up to and including the chapter on melee combat, excluding the Doing It Yourself section.  It will be made available MAY 9TH, 2012 as a PDF via a link to be posted on this site no later than 9pm EST. 

In the two weeks or so following the release of the Document Alpha, each of the player classes will be revealed and spotlighted here on the blog at a rate of roughly one per day.   Shortly thereafter, the weapon listings alluded to in section VII of the outline will all be released in one fell swoop, albeit much condensed from the 1-2 pages of attention each weapon will receive in the final release of the project.

So there you have it.  The time draws near.

Confused? Wondering what in the world is being discussed?  Head on over to the FAQ and enjoy seeping pulse of enlightenment.