Friday, February 24, 2012

Right on the Money

I discovered early this morning via Nerf Mods & Reviews that the clever gents at Random Hat have begun a Kickstarter project to fund their effort to provide the Nerf community with high quality, custom made accessories. 

While Nerf has expanded its attention to non-blaster products in recent years, that portion of the market has been wildly under-served for a very long time considering what could be done- just breeze over this list of what Random Hat is interested in doing and you'll see what I mean:

-Adjustable Tactical Rail Fore-grip (adjusts right, down, and left)
-Belt Clip (clips to your pants/belt) Nerf (TM) N-Strike Clip Holder
-Tactical Rail Flashlight/LASER holder
-Tactical Rail Dart Holder
-Tactical Rail Bi-pod
-Tactical Rail Nerf(TM) Vortex(TM) Disc Holder
-Tactical Rail Bandolier Clip (adds a place to clip a bandolier)
-Tactical Rail Nerf(TM) Vortex(TM) Clip Holder
-Belt Clip (clips to your pants/belt) Vortex(TM) Clip Holder
-Tactical Rail Vulcan Ammo Belt Holder
-Tactical Rail Camera mount
-Tactical Rail Smartphone Holder
-And Several More!

Best wishes to Random Hat, who I hope will succeed in this effort and flourish long after.  Check out all the details over at their Kickstarter page and give supporting them a few moment's pondering.  Anyone who wants to start up a company to support the blaster hobby is alright with me.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Show Me Your Lazy Susan

I was just over at Tactical Tag checking out Bazookafied's assessment of the some of the Hailfire's more puzzling features- specifically the exact nature of the rotating clip assembly (or, as I have spent the last thirty minutes absolutely loving to call it, the Lazy Susan) adorning its underside.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just got a nice little mention by the folks over at Universal Nerf, who have been gracious enough to put up some of my work.  In case you were visiting via their link and wondering just where in the world all the content is, well...I'm right there with you.  I have a few coding and design tasks ahead of me yet before any galleries or other permanent content goes live, but I envision some genuine activity by the time the weekend is out.  It seems there will be plenty to keep busy with in the meantime - have you not yet beheld the wackiness of the Hailfire?  Madness!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Welcome, visitors, to the first honest-to-goodness post for the Document: Tactics by Design for Every Nerfer.  There is not too much going on here yet, but there will be lots to come in the near future.  To keep things convenient, below you will find an FAQ (though the "F" is more than a little contrived at this point, certainly) to handle the confusion that may be setting in at this very moment, the content of which will also be available in the "FAQ" tab above for the foreseeable future.