Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Over 9000!!?!?! (divided by 9)

Well, I don't suppose it's too much of a milestone, but breaking the 1000 hit barrier on the site today feels pretty good. Special thanks to Bazookafied for the shout-outs and many thanks to everyone for stopping by and contributing.

This may be a decent time to give a general update on the progress of things:
As I mentioned in the OMW Longstrike video, I have an accessories project that I am really excited to show everyone. The prototype was a near flawless proof of concept, but one of the components proved to be of insufficient strength for practical use. I am awaiting the stronger version of said component to arrive in the mail, and hopefully will be able to get it all wrapped up by this weekend.

There are a couple of other videos on the docket as well- one covering the arena area that adjoins the Armory and another that deals with some methods and tactics behind dual wielding blasters in combat. If all goes well I should be able to get one of those posted this evening or tomorrow. If you have a minute, throw me a comment letting me know which you'd rather see first- this may help me to get off my butt and do it.

As for the Document itself, work has been progressing slowly (as always, it seems) but, aside from the details surrounding the player classes and weapons, the core rules behind the gameplay are all but complete. I should be throwing up some previews/teasers for it before long.

The Media section is, unfortunately, still nonexistent. The interface I have planned requires that I produce a whole other mess of artwork and coding, so it may be awhile on that one. Since all the goodies will be available through posts anyways, I would rather focus my time on pumping out the content itself rather than cataloging it, at least while the overall amount of it is still so minimal.

I think that's about it. Take care everyone. Go shoot each other, gently.


  1. "What's the Scouter say about his Power Level?"
    "It's... 1,009"
    "What? Really?"
    "Yeah, Nappa... kick his ass."
    (Nappa gets tar beaten out of him)
    "This doesn't seem right. Oh wait. I had the scouter on upside-down. It's... over 9,000."

    Keep up the great work! I'd love to see the Arena posted! Sounds fun!

    1. Wouldn't 9001 upside down be 1006? :D
      Great job, I would I also love to see the Arena.