Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For Your Memory

Just a quick reminder of the impending launch of the Document Alpha tomorrow evening, as well as an update or two.  One thing that I hadn't taken into account when I announced the release schedule was the fact that beginning Thursday I will be taking a road trip to spend a long weekend in dorky gaming seclusion with a bunch of old buddies at a rented house somewhere up in the mountains.  This is an annual thing, but this year Nerf is going to be added to the mix.  There isn't an issue with getting the material prepared- the only problem is I don't know if the place has internet.  So, there is a small, uncivilized chance that the previously mentioned roll-out of the player classes may not begin until I return next Tuesday.  

Now that I've broken countless- and I mean countless- hearts, enjoy this nearly useless video:

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  1. I believe a more... accurate... term for what you carry around nerf-wise is materiel, which is basically a word for any military-specific equipment, something I think applies pretty well here.