Thursday, May 24, 2012

Primary Class: Dreadnought

The baddest mutha' on the battlefield, the Dreadnought, has been added to the Player Classes PDF.  The link is provided below, as shall become normal with these posts. This completes the triumvirate of the primary classes.  Leaving me with an urge to put a video together discussing them in more detail, so expect that sometime in the coming days.  Next up are the auxiliary classes, which may just get dished out more than one at a time, depending on how long motivation can hold out over the forthcoming long weekend.  I actually have another small project that will soon be completed as well, so I should certainly be presenting something before the week is out.

Update: the problem with the Player Classes PDF has been corrected and the Dreadnought is now present, leaving all once again right with the world. 


  1. Hate ta be the bearer of bad news, but that PDF is missin' the Dreadnought.

  2. Mr House person, I'm starting up a local nerf group soon and would like to try to play test for you. My only problem is that some people are, like myself, touchy about their custom weapons.

    Do you have any suggestions for an alternative?