Sunday, May 20, 2012

Primary Class: Lieutenant

So it turns out I was right- there was no internet at the cabin/house thing my buddies and I rented this past week.  Nor was there enough of a cell phone signal to throw up an update post.  Combine all that with an unfortunate issue arising with my back and a veritable sh*tstorm waiting for me when I returned to work from my vacation, and you have a release schedule that's been blown straight to hell.  Apologies for all that.

At any rate, there was apparently an issue with the download of the Document for some folks, so I have ceased to be a complete idiot and just started using the webspace granted through my ISP.  So, a new direct download/viewing link is provided below, along with the link for the first of the player classes to be revealed, the Lieutenant.  I will likely expound a great deal on the classes in the coming days, but for now I'll just be glad that I've caught up to where I was supposed to be a week ago. 

The Document

Player Classes- the Lieutenant

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  1. Verrrrry nice. Very nice indeed. I think by the time this is done, you may have a "Nerf Bible" of sorts on your hands. Great work, Gray. Great work.