Thursday, February 23, 2012

Show Me Your Lazy Susan

I was just over at Tactical Tag checking out Bazookafied's assessment of the some of the Hailfire's more puzzling features- specifically the exact nature of the rotating clip assembly (or, as I have spent the last thirty minutes absolutely loving to call it, the Lazy Susan) adorning its underside.

Though there are plenty of questions to chew on already, I now find myself most concerned with whether the Lazy Susan is manually rotated or motor driven.  That's going to make or break this blaster for me, at least as far as it earning any portion of its claim of being the "pinnacle of Nerf innovation".  It's a little overtly gimmicky in the first place, sure, but the grandiosity of having four clips on the blaster at a time would lose its appealing side entirely if it couldn't be of greater net convenience than a standard clip system reload- something that is pretty darned efficient already.  Considering its bulk and likely weight, a manual rotation on this thing wouldn't have much of a chance of hitting that mark.  I see a few things in the images that have been released that give me some confidence in the Lazy Susan being motorized, but the unhatched-chicken-counting isn't scheduled to begin for another few months, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed for now.

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