Friday, February 24, 2012

Right on the Money

I discovered early this morning via Nerf Mods & Reviews that the clever gents at Random Hat have begun a Kickstarter project to fund their effort to provide the Nerf community with high quality, custom made accessories. 

While Nerf has expanded its attention to non-blaster products in recent years, that portion of the market has been wildly under-served for a very long time considering what could be done- just breeze over this list of what Random Hat is interested in doing and you'll see what I mean:

-Adjustable Tactical Rail Fore-grip (adjusts right, down, and left)
-Belt Clip (clips to your pants/belt) Nerf (TM) N-Strike Clip Holder
-Tactical Rail Flashlight/LASER holder
-Tactical Rail Dart Holder
-Tactical Rail Bi-pod
-Tactical Rail Nerf(TM) Vortex(TM) Disc Holder
-Tactical Rail Bandolier Clip (adds a place to clip a bandolier)
-Tactical Rail Nerf(TM) Vortex(TM) Clip Holder
-Belt Clip (clips to your pants/belt) Vortex(TM) Clip Holder
-Tactical Rail Vulcan Ammo Belt Holder
-Tactical Rail Camera mount
-Tactical Rail Smartphone Holder
-And Several More!

Best wishes to Random Hat, who I hope will succeed in this effort and flourish long after.  Check out all the details over at their Kickstarter page and give supporting them a few moment's pondering.  Anyone who wants to start up a company to support the blaster hobby is alright with me.

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