Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Good News

Say what you like about the Nitron- you know, about it being analogous to garbage- but this morning it was the source of some powerful Nerf satisfaction.

I always seethe when I see existing blasters repackaged with additional darts, different accessories, or extra clips- mostly because I can never resist grabbing the original release as soon as they hit shelves and shelling out the extra cash for another is a tough pill to swallow.  This is particularly true of the Nitron, which now is being packaged with two of the 20 disc clips that aren't offered with any other products.  This morning, however, I was vindicated. 

While fulfilling the droll requirement of grocery shopping at Walmart, I spied one of these two-clip Nitrons sitting on the shelves (always, always check the isle) at the ridiculous price of just 30 greenbacks.  It wasn't on clearance or anything, but there was only one left.  There was no stopping me; it immediately got dropped in the cart with the aluminum foil and Velveeta.  Even ignoring the blaster, that's still two 20-clips and 40 discs for just $2 more than what you would pay for the same amount of discs with four of the 10-clips (the best price I've seen on shelves for those so far is $6.99).  Throw another one of those scopes in the mix and the chance that this new Nitron will behave better than my original and you've got one hell of a deal. 

The special bonus package is listed on at around $40, so it's possible some silly Walmart "associate" messed up their SKUs or something, but if you're fiending for some extra 20-clips like I was, you may want to roll the dice at your local store and see what you get.  Sure, saving ten dollars isn't really something to scream about, but there's nothing like small victories when they get you something you need.

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