Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweet Release: An Eventual Double Entendre

Moments ago I hit a major milestone in the development of the Document, completing the chapter on melee combat and thereby wrapping up the writing for all of the rules set's principle concepts.

While a vast amount of work remains to be done on the project as a whole- from image creation and editing to writing all the chapters that are focused on the hobby instead of gameplay to finalizing the layout- the only actual rules left to codify in text are those that define the individual player classes (which I know like the back of my hand) and those dealing with specific weapons (of which there aren't very many).

I am torn about what I should do about this "achievement", but I definitely feel like doing something.  As if I wasn't being ambitious enough with the project in the first place, I hope to eventually produce a series of videos covering the various aspects of the rules set, but that is certainly a ways off.  I do intend to do a stripped-down release of the Document on this site (the one mentioned in the FAQ) in advance of the full release, but I'm not quite there on that one either despite being a good two months ahead of schedule.  For now, I hope everyone may be interested to see an outline of the whole project.  Note that the precise contents following the Weaponry chapter may see some alteration before the final release.

I. Introduction
     A. An Argument for Foam
     B. The Document in Brief
     C. Key Terms
II. Procedure
     A. The Play Space
     B. Assembly and Arming
     C. The Round
     D. Scoring and Organization
     E. Penalties
III. Rules of Engagement
     A. Life and Death
     B. Hits in Detail
     C. Hit Theory
     D. Dual Wielding
     E. Timed Mechanics
IV. Gearing Up
     A. The Form of Foam
          1. Darts
          2. Discs
          3. Arrows
          4. Balls
          5. Small Clips
          6. Large Clips
     B. Weapon Designations
          1. Heavy Weapons
          2. Assault Weapons
          3. Light Weapons
          4. Stealth Weapons
     C. Load-outs
     D. Accessories
          1. Weapon Accessories
          2. Non-weapon Accessories
      E. Gear in Combat
          1. Equipped Gear
          2. Discarded Gear
          3. Postmortem Gear
      F. Doing It Yourself
          1. Tools of the Trade
          2. Repurposing the Mundane
          3. From Scratch
 V. Melee Combat
      A. Designation
      B. Get Ready to Fight
      C. Method
      D. Melee Damage
VI. Player Classes
      A. Primary Classes
           1. Lieutenant
           2. Dreadnought
           3. Assassin
      B. Auxiliary Classes
           1. Medic
           2. Bladeslinger
           3. Aegis
           4. Archer
           5. Grenadier
           6. Vulture
           7. Crusader
           8. Zealot
           9. Panzer
VII. Weaponry
      A. Heavy Weapons
      B. Assault Weapons
      C. Light Weapons
      D. Stealth Weapons
      E. Melee Weapons
VIII. Sample Round
      A. Picking and Choosing
      B. Game Changer
           1. In the Mold
           2. Out of the Box
      C. Creating Classes
X. Modding
      A. Deadly on the Inside
      B. Pretty on the Outside
      C. Your Very Own
      D. Mods and Gameplay
XI. Glossary
XII. Acknowledgements
XIII. Disclaimers

So yeah, not the smallest of endeavors.  Feel free let me know what you think or throw me some questions, but know there's a good bit about which  I intend on staying tight-lipped for a bit longer.  It's almost a certainty now, however, that some more detailed teasers are on the way.


  1. Looks great, I look forward to seeing more of your work! :)

  2. I think that I fall under the classification of Juggernaut, according to NerfHaven, due to my dual-wielding the heaviest weapons I can find, which at the moment are my pair of voltage-modded Vulcans, and as secondaries a Stampede and a Rayven, both similarly modded. Also as an ammo depot, because I carry about 400 rounds of ammo on me due to the unholy firing rate of my Vulcans and Stampede, and the sheer range of my Rayven. Not even sure what it counts as to carry four Mavericks and half a dozen Reflexes as sidearms, but I feel like there should be a class for "covered in weapons" nerfers such as myself.

    1. There is- the Panzer, a massive, terrifying wrecking ball. They are far more durable than the other classes and may be armed any way the player chooses. It's near impossible to resist the temptation to create something like that, but it will absolutely maul a game's balance if you're not careful in its implementation. As such, the Panzer is something of a specialty class, by default meant to be used only if both teams have the gear to field one. Alternatively, a Panzer may be included on a team that is purposefully outnumbered or otherwise handicapped in some way. There are any number of other ways that they can be included, however, and the specifics are up to the individual player group (like many aspects of the Document), but the use of the Panzer is something that requires careful consideration.