Monday, April 2, 2012

This Time, It's Okay to Open the Box

I have been interested in using magnets to create a variable blaster storage solution for some time now. The original fantasy involved a rear-mounted shoulder harness capable of holding onto full sized blasters such as the Longstrike or Deploy. The prospect of making an unimpeded grab for a weapon directly off my back a la Commander Shepard or Marcus Fenix and laying waste to my enemies was tantalizing to say the least.

Unfortunately, after lots of conceptualizing and pondering, that idea just didn't have much of a chance of panning out. Magnets of a strength capable of holding onto that kind of weight amidst all the jostling of combat are pretty expensive- certainly too costly for the trial and error such a project would certainly require. With magnets that strong hanging around, I also had concerns over metal blaster internals being affected in unexpected and unfortunate ways.

Having thrown out the over-the-shoulder idea, my thoughts on magnets resulted instead in the creation of the Pandora holster, so named because all sorts of scary things can pop out of it and kill you. Take a look at the Documentary below or click on the image of the holster above for more insight into its construction and function.


  1. Ironic that we were both working on holsters this weekend. Only yours is custom made and uses magnets, MUCH more original! Thanks for the detailed look at this case!

  2. Yeah I had to keep my mouth shut when I saw those pics you threw up on the chatroll because I wanted this project to be a surprise. I really dig what you did with your holster, though- securing everything under the sun right up to a Praxis in size with a drop-leg setup is really sweet business. I'd wager an AT would be doable with yours as well.

  3. Funny, I was working on a holster this weekend too! It was my first try using some craft foam and cardboard, i tried to use what I already had and didnt want to spend money. Awesome work youre doing here Gray House!

  4. That is amazing.

    What material is the outer layer?

    My main concern with using magnets in a holster is accidentally messing up a credit card or cell phone; has that been an issue at all?

    Last question: have you considered doing these for commissions? HvZers/Cosplayers would love these.

    1. The outer layer is vinyl. I buy it in roughly 50" widths for less than $10 a yard. The accents are metal somewhere between tin and aluminum- didn't pay enough attention when I bought it. They we cut from one large sheet and hammered into place.

      I haven't had any issues with phones or credit cards or that sort of thing, but the magnets' destructive potential was certainly on my mind during construction. I kept everything electronic a good distance away during that process, and will likely take similar precautions whenever it's in use. I don't see it causing any real disasters though.

      Commissions are a pretty rough question for me. I'm always gratified by someone being so interested in my work that they would want to buy it, and love the idea of putting my stuff out there. In the case of this holster, at least, I would say the answer would have to be no purely for practicality's sake. It took way too long to make (upwards of 18 hours), absolutely mauled my hands, and has $35 worth of magnets in it. This would push a fair asking price beyond what I would ever ask someone to pay, making the whole proposition something of a brick wall.

    2. Could you then create a basic schematic, so that other people could make these, I'd for sure love to have one. Cause at the moment, I have no way to holster my Vigilon.

    3. I wouldn't rule that out a possibility Boom.

  5. This may be really creepy, but you don't by chance live in Kenmore, do you?