Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Step Closer to Robocop in a Box

Okay, I haven't been the most studious of community members in recent months, so this may be old news, but my buddy Chronos caught something in the Rebelle promo video released recently that I'm quite pleased to see.

 A freakin' holster.  How 'bout that.

 This is great news (provided is actually something new).  It appears to be made of some pretty sturdy plastic, there's some nice integrated dart storage, and best of all, it seems certain that it locks into place along a tactical rail.  The image below gives a clearer picture of this than the one above.

She's wearing a pink shirt, and she's confident.  How 'bout that.
Notice also how the shell of the holster progresses up the thigh some distance from the blaster's anchor point, which suggests that it will be quite stable on the hip.

Now, I'm not particularly excited for the Rebelle line.  I'm pleased to see Nerf trying to approach a broader set of demographics, but from a competitive, collector's perspective it doesn't have much to offer except a redeco of the Hammershot.  The video, available through the link at the close of the post, is also quite ham-fisted , an advertizing piledriver.  I am, of course, quite a ways off from the target demographic, so I supposse it's all copacetic.

This holster, though, will either make me buy Rebelle's Hammershot or wait to see an N-Strike (or Zombiestrike) iteration.  I'd be interested to see if left-sided versions will be available, and to get a look at exactly how it attaches to the hip.  Separately, this holster's appearance bodes well for the theoretical quality of the holster slated to be released with the Zombiestrike Sidestrike, and for the future of branded Nerf accessories on the whole.  Barrels, lights, scopes and sights are great and I'm glad they're around, but non-stock weapon accessories geared towards genuine function and utility are few and far between.  I like making my own stuff, sure, but in this case more is merrier.  Seriously.

Credit to Nerf Canterbury for the video.  Images captured from the video itself.

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