Friday, July 12, 2013

Zombiestrike: Controvisual

One day without internet service and I miss all the hubbub.  The community is all a'twitter over the broader Zombiestrike reveal, and while it is certainly has presented us with a great deal to talk about, the sentiment of mild upset and aesthetic criticism isn't something I can really get behind.  I have no desire to start a fight on the matter, which is perhaps the closest thing I have to a point: I don't find the design origin of these new blasters of any amount of concern worth bickering about.

As a someone who leans towards the completionist perspective, I'm always interested and pleased to get word of new blasters.  While the Fusefire, Sidestrike and others don't offer anything revolutionary and aren't fully immersed in the style we might have thought we were getting with Zombistrike, there are some nice developments nestled in there with the mundane and familiar.  An actual Nerf-made holster? Holy cow! It could be cheap crap, but it's groovy that it's getting made one way or another.  Finally getting some integrated ammo storage for Vortex blasters is another plus.  Even though it's just a recoloring of the Vantage, seeing any form of new N-Force product is a relief.  And while it might not be a slam dunk or an honest to goodness successor, the Crossfire is a straight up acknowledgement that Nerf isn't ignoring the high points of its past.  They even make an outright reference to the Crossbow in the description.  This is particularly interesting for me, because I would like for nothing more than to see a certain other vintage blaster get an honorary revival....

Yes, certainly, it would be great if all these new blasters maintained the full measure of originality and progressive design present in the Hammershot and the Sledgefire.  Yes, they look that they may have originated as part of other lines.  At this point, though, with the veritable cavalcade of other goodies coming down the pike, I am content to treat the new Zombiestrike offerings as icing on the

Granting that they are apparently slotted for 2014 release, there is another angle to consider.  Clearly, clearly, none of these Zombiestrike blasters are flagship entries in the line.  The Hammershot and Sledgefire don't really ring of that possibility either.  That's definitely a nice piece of gristle to chew on.

It would be so easy!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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